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Post  W3WGL]Kery on Mon Jul 27 2009, 04:32

W3WGL Rules. Very Happy

Every manager must read these rules and so must their players. (IMPORTANT!)

The admin can modify the rules when he want and he can make decisions outside the regulation if this is necessary.

1. Definitions

1.1. Clan: An association of players, building a managed team is called a “clan” in the following. Every clan needs to have a web presence, including a roster and information upon the clan structure and the official clan representatives. Clans can apply for an invitation to be able to attend qualification events for W3WGL during the application period which will be announced on www.w3wgl.ze.tc
1.2. Teams and Team Manager: The clans are announcing line-ups of four (5) players. Those line-ups are called teams in the following. Each clan announces a responsible clan member, making decisions and representing the clan in front of the league admins: a Team Manager is responsible for it's Clan.
1.3. Players: Players attending W3WGL must be part of one and only one clan. A player is not allowed to represent another clan online or offline, which includes all possible Warcraft III gaming activities in national and international tournaments and leagues. It also includes that a player is not allowed to play under the name of a different clan or wear another clan’s uniform. Excluded from this rule are tournaments and leagues officially offered by Blizzard Entertainment and venues not offering prize money. Players are also allowed to represent a regional allstar team or a national team in special competitions.
1.4. Membership: Being a member of a clan or being authorized to represent a clan in W3WGL depends only on the information published in the team account, not on any information published on any other web presence.
1.5. League Officials: Referees are assigned by Kery or MENACE to observe, judge and administer matches. The Headreferee is allowed to supersede rules and decisions of any Referee. The Supervisor is the ultimate authority concerning any decision.
1.6. Sub Card can be used by a player not on the lineup but on the roster to sub for some one who is on the lineups for any particular reason. Each team will get 4 sub cards for the whole season.

2. General Information

1.7. All clans declare with their participation in the league to agree to and comply with the rules and regulations of W3WGL.
1.8. Clans participating at the league agree to a non-disclosure policy. Clan representatives and players are not allowed to disclose internal discussions, decisions and communication protocols. Clans violating the non-disclosure policy can receive penalty points, become suspended or banned from the league.
1.10. All clan representatives and players recognize that all stated days and times mentioned in the rules and regulations refer to Estern time.

3. Responsibilities & Commitments

1.11. The team manager has to ensure that all players of his clan and all representatives read, understand, accept and comply with the rules & regulations of W3WGL.
2.0. The team manager is also able to arrange the matchdate with the competing clan before the beginning of the according matchday and announce the line-up at w3wgl@yahoo.com, 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the according clanwar.
2.1. Additionally each team representative has to enter a statement towards the upcoming clanwar at the same time.
2.2. The line-ups will then be published automatically and cannot be changed anymore. Before the line-ups are published they can be edited.
2.3. Managers must tell an admin if he wants to add players to his roster. Every new player has a 7 day probation date before that player can play any clanwars.
2.4. The league is not responsible for additional agreements between players and clans. Additional agreements are only allowed if they do not violate the rules and regulations of the league, but will not be considered through any proceedings of the league. W3WGL reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time without prior notice to the attending clans.
2.5. Clans cancelling their participation in W3WGL Season 1 on their own decision may not attend the qualification for the next season. When a team cancels its participation during the season or the finals, gets suspended or banned from the league, all played and open matches will be set as a 5-0 default win for the opposing teams.
2.6. By attending W3WGL, clans and players acknowledge, without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations of the league and with the decisions of the league officials. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the league officials. Any decision from league officials will supersede these rules and regulations to preserve the spirit of competition.

4. Qualification ( Not for the First Season )

2.7. Clans that would like to participate at the next W3WGL Season will have to apply in a written form. This application has to arrive within the time that is announced by the league officials.
2.8. The Qualification features 16 teams playing in a full double-elimination grid. When a clan is defeated twice in the Qualification it will be eliminated from the competition.
2.9. Teams coming down from W3WGL Seasons (ranked 8th, 9th and 10th) will take the top 3 seeds of the Qualification according to their ranking from the previous W3WGL Season.
2.10. Teams may get no penalty points during the Qualification but warnings. Every team that gets more than four warnings from league officials (every delict that would be punished in the season corresponds to one warning) can be suspended from the Qualification.
2.11. Each team will recieve 1 joker card and 1 sub card for the qualifications.

5. Season – Matchday information

3.0. One matchday has a length of one week, starting Monday at 00:01 CET // 18:01 EST and ends Sunday at 23:59 CET // 17:59 EST. On each matchday a participating clan is playing a clanwar against another clan, facing each of the other clans once in a season. The matchdays are set by both clan managers of the opposing teams and the matchups are set by the league admins.
3.2. If there is no possibility of scheduling the teams have to contact a league official. Teams which scheduled not in time receive one Penalty Point every 24 hours.

6. League format

3.3. A clanwar consists of a series of best of three (Bo3) matches. There will be 5 matchs in one Clan War. 4 1v1's and 1 2v2 match.
3.4. The Winner of a match will recieve 1 point for his clan.
3.5. The fist map is always known as the starting map, the loser can pick after the first match is over. Player has 10 minutes to get in game or its an auto Forfiet.

7. Game Setting

3.6. The league uses the “Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne” computer game with the latest game patch.
3.7. The game speed must be set to “fast”.
3.8. Observers Must be on.
3.9. If both players agree it is allowed to use the current version of GG Client to play the match. If one of the players has problems with GG Client or disagrees, the match will be played on Battle.net.
3.10. Other third party programs are not allowed to be used during a match. Especially programs modifying the behaviour of Warcraft III are strictly forbidden, such as MapHack.
If any players get caught maphacking they will be removed from W3WGL permently, meaning they cannot come back to the previous seasons of W3WGL.

8. Procedure of a clanwar

4.0. The lineups have to be email 60 minutes before the start of the clanwar at w3wgl@yahoo.com
4.1. Each clan has to make sure that their first player of the according war is available 5 minutes before the clanwar starts.
4.2. Games are not allowed to be started without a referee present for coverage and admin reasons. The teams are responsible to make sure that the referee is present. If the host starts the game without the referee being in the game the players have to leave the game and restart it.
4.3. If a player doesn’t show up 10 minutes after the end of the last match his team will receive a default loss for his match.
4.4. If a team wants to replace one of their players after the line-ups have been emailed (for example because of illness) the opposing team has to agree. If they don’t agree the team of the missing player will receive a default loss for the according match.
4.5. The referees will take care of uploading the replays. Nonetheless the teams have to make sure that all the replays are saved in case the referee disconnects out of a match.
4.6. If one of the players disconnects within the first 3 minutes of the match, it will be restarted with the same settings as the interrupted match.
4.7. If one of the players disconnects later than 3 minutes after the match has started, it will be counted as a default loss for the disconnecting player unless the player who did not disconnect is willing to offer a rematch.
4.8. If there is a bug that causes a disconnect (f.e. observer-bug in GG-Client) a league official will decide if there will be a rematch.

9. Penalty Points

4.9. Violations of the rules will be punished with penalty points.
4.10. All league officials are allowed to give penalty points if necessary.
5.0. If a team received more than 10 Penalty Points it will be suspended from W3WGL and the previous W3WGL seasons, and is not allowed to take part in the next Qualification.
5.1. The league officials have the right to suspend or ban single players from the league that have shown disrespectful behaviour.

10. Replays

6.1. The winner of a series is responsible to upload that specific replay. A team is only responsible for its own replays.
6.2. Replays have to be upload as soon as possible to www.demonreps.com/w3wgl
Failure to upload a replay within 24 hours of when the clanwar was scheduled, will result in 0.1PP per miss reps.
6.3. The password for upload the replay is: "w3wgl"

11. Severe Misconduct

7.1. Some activities are beyond the scope of the Penalty Point system. They include (but are not limited to):
Use of third-party programs (“map-hacking”).
Roster abuse (“double-tagging”)
Misleading the admins.
Other misconducts as judged by the senior/head admin staff.
7.2. These misconducts may result in the ban of a player or even a team from the league from a season or even forever.

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