PTGL s3 / PTCL s1 Application

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PTGL s3 / PTCL s1 Application

Post  KroNos on Sun Aug 09 2009, 08:58

[SIZE="4"]PTGL Season 3 / PTCL Season 1 Sign Up Information [/SIZE]

The time for the most anticipated season of PTGL/PTCL is growing near. If your team is planning on participating, this news is for you. All steps, requirements, and tips about PTGL Season 3/PTCL Season 1 sign ups are explained here. Read more to get the information.
Of course it is important to note that signups will open Monday August 10th and will remain open until Sunday August 30th

Read this news carefully BEFORE signing up!
Admin’s msn for any questions
KroNos : / KaraKuri :

Things to note:
__________________________________________________ ________
Here are some important things you need to realize about the PTGL S3/PTCL S1 Qualifiers.
-Application format: Here
-PTGL/PTCL is open to any team from anywhere around the world. We welcome talent from all countries as we want a diverse league.
-For starters our default client is Garena. You and all of your team members MUST have this client. It can be downloaded at
-Qualifiers will last for about 4-6 weeks. Do not sign up if you feel your team cannot handle this.
-Please be fully aware and understand all rules of our league by reading them @ our website.

-PTGL Season 3 will be continuing its use of the WC3L style format (4x 1v1, 1x 2v2) but we’ll be adding a twist. Read more about it : Here . This means we will be allowing teams to use 2, 3 or even 4 different soloist. So instead of a 1v2/2v1 1v1/2v2 format we will be switching back to listing the maps and managers can pick choose who plays what maps with a minimum of two soloist.
-PTCL Season 1 will be implementing a new style that I am really excited about. For lack of a better name we’ll call it NGL-RaceWars Format. Each war teams will note their starter/champion, and once all 4 players have lost the champion is auto jokered. So clan wars will not go until a team gets 5 points (beating all players once, and champion twice).
Also to note:
PTGL S3 / PTCL S1 will be doing something a little different. We will be hosting Two divisions, an “elite” division and a “novice” division. You might be saying “wow kronos that sounds like a lot of work for Admins. 2 leagues x8 teams, than 2 more leagues x8 teams that’s 32 teams and 16 matches a week, WOW!” nonono!
Teams in Division A of ptgl/ptcl will be our number 1 priority. Teams in the B divisions will be required to send in a form w/ all the important info after each war which will allow for us to update info quickly/efficiently!
Teams that win division b playoffs will be guaranteed a spot in the next season of ptgl/ptcl respectively.
Random Notes:
Teams will receive 2 subcards for qualifiers @ ptgl and ptcl.
During regular season teams will receive 5 subcards / 2 wildcards @ PTGL, and 5 sub cards @ PTCL.


Before your team can even begin to think about registering for our league, there are some requirements your team must meet or else your team will be auto rejected without any questions asked. They conclude as the following:
1. MSN or ICQ must be entered on at least 2 team member's profile
2. Team must have 5 players
3. Working Team Website entered on profile. (*If your team does not have a team website, you must complete the "Tips" section listed under this requirements section)
4. Garena gameaccounts entered on ALL player profiles.

PTGL Staff will do our best to pick the best teams that sign up, and seed accordingly, however it is impossible for our staff to know every single team's skill and capabilities so here is how your team can help:
1. Clearly list current leagues the team is participating in inside description on team application.
2. Clearly list past league accomplishments in description on team application.
3. Clearly list a player tournament successes and accomplishments in description on team application.

Do note that this is not required at all unless you have no team website or if your team is unknown. You can choose to do this if you feel your team may be unknown by our staff. Obviously teams that have competed in our league system before or are well known in the scene may skip these tips. If your team is unknown and you skip these steps, you must be willing to accept either possible bad seeding or rejected acceptance into the league due to team overflow.

Sign UP
If your team has met all the requirements for our league, then you are ready to sign up, signing up is easy, the application format and such can be found at our site!

Pretty clear, if you have any questions after reading this post, Don’t hesitate to get in Contact With me. I will be checking this Thread often if you want to post the question here.

You can also contact one of the other admins in the PTGL page, preferably KaraKuri or PampleMousse.


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Re: PTGL s3 / PTCL s1 Application

Post  cGz.Blue on Sun Aug 09 2009, 09:24


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